Grid – Human Collapse Syndrome (Review)

GridGrid are a Swedish grindcore band and this is their latest EP.

Looking for some old-school Swedish grind, Nasum/Rotten Sound-style, with a pinch of Napalm Death? Grid have got you covered.

This brief EP features short songs that are full of energetic rage and abrasive aggression. The music combines speed and extremity with dynamic riffs and hardcore swagger. This makes for tracks that have both attitude and power.

Even with the song lengths as short as they are, the songs still clearly demonstrate the obvious thought that has gone into their construction. Not merely a collection of fast riffs or anything like that, each short slice of aggression has its own parts and sections where specific things happen. This might be a guitar solo, a blistering riff, some mid-paced groove, an ultra-fast blast beat, a catchy vocal exchange, etc. Note the word catchy in there – this is a band with a surprising ability to stick in your head; Human Collapse Syndrome boasts some unexpectedly memorable music.

The band are a duo, with each member tackling some vocal duties; one takes the higher screams, while the other takes the deeper growls. Both are performed well and complement each other nicely.

Grid more than live up to the legacy of their spiritual ancestors in the Swedish grind scene, and if they continue to develop along the lines that they currently are, I really hope for big things for them in the future. Human Collapse Syndrome is an extremely enjoyable and vibrant release, and the band deserve a lot of recognition for it.

I’m looking forward to whatever it is they do next.

Highly recommended for all grindfreaks.

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