Torc – Vzpomínky na Slunce (Review)

TorcThis is the latest EP from Torc, a black metal band from the Czech Republic.

Torc play black metal with a few other influences which can be heard in the songs.

The band display some interesting and enjoyable riffs across the release, frequently incorporating a vibrant punk energy. These are set aside a more traditionally blackened delivery that is just as enjoyable, but for different reasons.

The production, guitar tone, and main vocal attack are all those of icy black metal, with the energetic hardcore influences offsetting this somewhat to create a satisfying blend of the two styles.

Some tracks have more of the hardcore influence than others, with songs like Unterschwein essentially being pure, blistering black metal. Others demonstrate the band’s dual mastery of the two different genres, sometimes seeing them flip from one to the other in quick succession, while at other times merging the two at a deeper level. Zaváté Osudy is an example of the former and opener Nákaza the latter.

There are some decent guitar solos too thrown out here and there, like liquid metal and gloriously melodic. These betray a classic/traditional heavy metal influence that can’t be denied. The longest song here, V šeru, also shows that the band are more than capable of a more considered, almost melodic metal approach to their blackened music. Of course, it’s not long before the blast beats and harsh riffs appear, reminding you in no uncertain terms what the band’s preferred mode of assault is.

Think of a band like Darkthrone, add in some more modern elements akin to parts of Anaal Nathrakh‘s delivery, throw in some melodic heavy metal, and then fuse hardcore/punk influences to some of the songs.

Vzpomínky na Slunce is very impressive and uncommon enough to make you sit up and take notice. Torc have produced a supremely enjoyable EP.

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