Demonsmoke – Morphine Moonshine (Review)

DemonsmokeDemonsmoke are a sludge/doom band from the US and this is their debut album.

Wearing their influences on their sleeves, Demonsmoke exist in the same world as bands like Eyehategood, Iron Monkey, Dopethrone, and the like. Yep, this is sludgy, nasty, full of infectious heavy blues riffs, and smothered in harsh, hateful vocals.

Morphine Moonshine is dirty metal straight from the swamps. It’s loud, crushing, and is so rampantly destructive that it’s churlish to not enjoy their heavy brand of filthy sludge.

With cataclysmic riffs and scathing, inhuman screaming, I just can’t help but take to the songs on Morphine Moonshine right from the start. I mean, what’s not to like? The songs are full of grimy riffs and the type of darkly emotive guitars that just take you away into the most underground, icky, dank, murderous places that you know you secretly yearn for.

Demonsmoke have a talent for this kind of thing. Frequently slower than a lot of their peers; as well as the vulgar, vile sludge, there’s more than enough doom to go around, covering everything in atmospheres of blues-ridden despair that just can’t be bought. Well, until you buy Morphine Moonshine, of course.

This is a particular genre of music that owes its basic existence to Eyehategod, but no matter how many bands plunder the style for their own chemically-enhanced inspiration, it just keeps on giving and giving and giving. Demonsmoke are the latest in a long line of riff-worshippers to put their own stamp on this type of well-loved sludge, and they do it exceedingly well.

So get yer clammy mitts on Morphine Moonshine, and prepare for a filthy, mucky, heavy 49 minutes.

Highly enjoyable – make sure you check this out.

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