Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones (Review)

LoathfinderLoathfinder are a Polish blackened doom band and this is their debut EP.

To adequately set the scene for this release, you need only stare at the horrors depicted on the album cover. This is what Loathfinder sound like; slow, repugnant, disgusting, and full of bleak horror.

Yep, we love this kind of thing.

Slow and heavy, with sick, corrupted grooves, and bowel-quaking growls, The Great Tired Ones is not a release for the faint-hearted. The entire EP essentially unfolds in this way, heavy and unhurried, spreading its contagion and plague-ridden message wherever it is heard.

Hidden in the background of the songs, buried underneath dark distortion and the accumulated filth, are grim melodies and splashes of arterial colour. These add to the overall suffocating heaviness and atmosphere of the songs without being overbearing or stealing the limelight form the band’s unflinchingly ugly approach.

The production suits the music perfectly. Heavy, clear, black, solid; it’s the perfect combination of clarity and dirt.

The foul darkness on this release is utterly hypnotic and all-consuming. If you like doom that advances with an unhurried, relentless gait, possessing a blackened atmosphere full of underground misery and pain, then Loathfinder is definitely for you.

Very highly recommended.

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