Dante’s Theory – Amut (Review)

Dante's TheoryDante’s Theory are a death metal band from Singapore. This is their latest EP.

On this brief EP, (13 minutes in length), we meet Dante’s Theory and their death metal/deathcore hybrid style.

With tracks that are short, heavy, belligerent, and brutal, Dante’s Theory throw out enjoyable songs that get in, do their damage, and get out again before the blood has dried.

A hardcore influence can be heard in some of the riffs, making for an old-school deathcore experience rather than the more modern strain of the style that seems to be obsessed with one-dimensional breakdowns. Dante’s Theory use their -core influences for the greater good of the songs, rather than an end unto themselves. Think Merauder meets Dying Fetus meets Demolition Hammer, perhaps.

Heavy grooves fly by with no regard for civilian safety. Some of these have a thrash edge, some a deathcore/hardcore one, some a melodic one, some are pure death metal; all of them hit the spot quite nicely.

Dark melodies occasionally appear to add an emotive edge to the barbarity. These are nice touches, as they allow the band to achieve a bit of extra depth in their songs.

The music on this short release is catchy and memorable, and it’s clear that Dante’s Theory have a potentially bright future ahead of them. If they can capitalise on this material and build on it for an even stronger full-length release, they could really mean business.

A highly promising EP, and a highly recommended listen.


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