Muka – Sveta Stoka (Review)

MukaMuka are a Croatian black metal band and this is their second album.

Here we have almost 30 minutes of dark, dissonant black metal. This description doesn’t paint a complete picture though, as here’s a band that play according to their own rules of multi-genre music.

Shades of sludge, doom, and death metal texture this work, like lost spectres hunting for damned souls to consume. The music liberally borrows and steals from these various styles, all under a filthily blackened aegis that protects and covers everything here like a malevolent miasma.

The band play harsh and impenetrable music, creating dark atmospheres with dissonant, otherworldly riffs and the type of scream-growled vocals that don’t sound entirely human.

Different speeds, feelings, auras, and experiences are crafted across the length of this release. Muka don’t just deal in music, but in complete musical visions; these visions are dark, scary, and probably won’t end well for humanity.

There’s a ritualistic and occult feeling to this, but not in the usual way; this feels more atavistic, as if some ancient power from the dawn of history is being invoked by equally old non-human hands.

The production is solid and almost tangible, lending an increased strength to the compositions as they go about their grim business.

When you’re in the mood for this kind of inventive, dissonant, bleak, underground metal, then Sveta Stoka really hits the spot.

Highly recommended for devotees of the end times.


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