Corpus Christii – Delusion (Review)

Corpus ChristiiCorpus Christii are a Portuguese black metal band and this is their eighth album.

This is grim, occult black metal, forged from an old-school perspective and unleashed on the world with fire and venom.

Delusion is full of slices of darkness that are sharp and vitriolic enough to cut deep. The songs on this album subscribe to the blast-and-groove method of black metal, and they adhere to this very effectively. The tracks are particularly enjoyable because of this.

Some of the mid-paced riffs on this release are hideously tasty. I very much enjoy a good blackened groove and there’s a lot of them to get your teeth sunk into on Delusion. The band play their faster material very well too, especially some of the rolling, double-bass-led sections.

Although they’re not really an overly melodic band, they do use a decent amount of melody in their music in dark and twisted ways. This aspect of their music enhances and enriches their songs, with leads seemingly drawn from Hell itself used to infuse the tracks with a malignant malevolence.

The singer sounds passionate and fiery, full of roaring devotion and blackened bile. His performance is energetic and engaging. On the odd occasion he descends into deep growls, and these are especially well-done.

Delusion is a satisfying piece of black metal, combining the raw, old-school style with enough blackened melody and occult sophistication to keep the listener’s attention throughout.

Turn out all of the lights and listen to Corpus Christii.

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