Blackbird Hill – Midday Moonlight (Review)

Blackbird HillThis is the latest release from Blackbird Hill, a rock band from France.

I decided to listen to this purely on the band’s name and the album cover. Of course, if after pressing play for the first time I didn’t like what I heard, it never would have made it to the review stage, but I did, and it did.

Blackbird Hill are a duo, both of which contribute vocals to this endearing release. The music is gritty, engaging garage/blues rock that uses both singers’ vocal talents to full effect, whether this is in a solo capacity or through harmonies.

Various speeds and moods are explored, from the slower, more considered, to the more upbeat, even jaunty. The former aspect of the band’s material is my favourite, such as in the longest song here Stories from the Road. My least favourite track is probably Run Like Mad, as this is too quirkily happy for my tastes, although it’s still a good piece of music in its own right.

Midday Moonlight is almost 26 minutes of contemporary rock music, satisfyingly played, and enjoyably written. The songs are soulful and textured, offering a lot of quality content across the material as the band pour their hearts and emotions into the music.

Very enjoyable. Check this out.

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