Disincarnation – By the Old Gods and the New (Review)

DisincarnationDisincarnation are a US death metal band and this is their first demo.

Ahh, the good old metal of death, Swedish style! This is rolling, heavy death metal that’s ready for war.

A raw, underground sound accompanies the carnage as the chainsaws go to work. Groovy riffs and some dark melodies make for entertaining atavistic tracks that are true to the style.

Thoroughly old-school, Disincarnation play their metal honestly and with authenticity. I find it easy to like the songs; the mix of juicy riffs, enthralling solos, (they really are particularly good), macabre melodies, different speeds, and inhuman vocals is effortless to appreciate.

The songs aren’t without their good ideas, either. Little touches here and there that make you sit up and take notice, whether this is a riff, solo, bass-break, or whatever else. Disincarnation demonstrate that they’ve put some time/effort into these songs and they haven’t just been tossed out without care or attention.

I know that some people, (foolish, foolish people), are completely satiated by this kind of thing and see little merit in listening to any new bands that operate in the style, but if you’re not one of these people then Disincarnation are surely ones to watch. There’s enough burgeoning talent and skill here to make for a good release already. With a bit of development they could be a potent force in the death metal underground.

A very promising and satisfying start.


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