Cloud Rat/Crevasse – Split (Review)

Cloud Rat CrevasseCloud Rat are a grindcore band from the US and Crevasse are a Dutch/German hardcore band.

Hot on the heels of their recent split with Moloch, Cloud Rat turn up again with over 5 minutes of their imaginative, sophisticated grind.

Sophisticated grind? How is that possible? Well, it may sound like an oxymoron, but this is what Cloud Rat specialise in, even when they’re at their most savage.

The tracks on this 7″ release are short, vital, and brutal. By virtue of the brief playing time there’s less variety here than we usually get with a Cloud Rat release, although even on these few minutes the band don’t repeat themselves and each track has its own distinct charms. The last track in particular, (an Electric Deads cover), stands out with its indie-punk-grind personality.

A decent sound, (for the most part), plenty of passion, and an intensity that can flay skin, mean that this is another welcome addition to Cloud Rat’s growing body of impressive work.

And now it’s Crevasse’s turn. Over the course of 5 minutes they offer up two tracks of their distinctively violent music.

Crevasse are ragged, disjointed, full of rage, and seem determined to channel their intensity straight into the listener’s face.

Mixing powerviolence, punk, and even some feedback-drenched sludge, Infinite Regress is less a song and more of an ordeal to be endured – I mean this in a good way though, believe it or not, as I thoroughly enjoy this kind of nasty, abrasive music.

The second song, Dead Body, is shorter and has more of a grinding punk feel, as the slower sludge sections are absent from this one.

Both tracks seem quite freeform in their composition, and it’s nice to hear a band that basically do what they want with song structure, convention be damned.

The singer seems to fight her way through the music, battling inner daemons and unleashing all kinds of fury as she does so. Or maybe she just stubbed her toe and is really pissed. Either way, she sounds great on these tracks and has lots of intense charisma.

Top split – check this out.

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