Moloch/Groak – Split (Review)

Moloch Groak - SplitThis is a split between two UK sludge metal bands. Both bands offer up a single song.

We’ve met Moloch before on their split with Cloud Rat. Here they continue with their enjoyable brand of slow, heavy sludge metal.

Crushing with both riffs and attitude, Thy Grief II is exactly the sort of consistently enjoyable piece of scathing hatred that we’ve come to expect from Moloch. It fills its five minutes nicely, and it’s always an enjoyable and satisfying experience to hear Moloch do their thing.

I haven’t encountered Groak before, but their brand of sludge is nasty and weighty. Raw and bleak heaviness is complemented by acidic screams, and the band’s music seems sharply barbed enough to pierce skin. Groak’s feedback-laden doom is played well, as is the colossal groove that’s unleashed after a couple of minutes of the former. Quiet Graft is a good 7-minute introduction to the band’s work, and I hope to hear more from them in the future.

A very enjoyable split release, and a recommended listen.

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