Lacerta – Lacerta (Review)

LacertaThis is the second album from this Australian death metal band named Lacerta.

Ahhh, who doesn’t love a bit of techdeath in the morning? Or at any time in the day, come to mention it.

Which brings us to Lacerta. Now, Lacerta fall on the more conservative side of the techdeath spectrum, meaning that they mainly focus on writing brutal death metal songs that have a decent amount of technicality in them, rather than the other way around.

This is a good thing, as too many technical death metal bands fall into the trap of letting their considerable technical skills get in the way of a good song. With Lacerta, the song comes first, and then they lavish some juicy technical attention to it to beef it up some. The results speak for themselves, really.

The songs on this album are quality, sophisticated examples of death metal art. Well, as sophisticated as you can get with the aural equivalent of having your skull caved in, I suppose.

I like that the base of this band is classic, timeless, brutal death metal. I like even more that this is then adorned with the type of technical wizardry that just makes your hairs stand on end. Some of the parts on these tracks are just delightfully luxurious, providing such rich, sumptuous content that the entire album is just a joy to stick on and get knocked about by.

In some ways this is the best way to do techdeath; songs first, widdly nonsense after. Of course, I say nonsense, but it isn’t, as without this widdly, creative side, Lacerta would be diminished. Sure, the songs are good enough to stand up to scrutiny without these parts, but they wouldn’t be as enjoyable or as complete as they are with them. This is, of course, far too simplistic a view of the material here, as you can’t properly separate these two aspects of the band’s music. It does, however, get the message across; Lacerta know what they’re doing and they do it very well.

This album is an engaging, intricate, and very well-delivered slice of death metal complexity and brutality. Make sure you don’t miss this one.


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