Imminence – This Is Goodbye (Review)

ImminenceImminence are a Swedish metal band and this is their second album.

The music on this album is surprisingly wide in scope. Taking in everything on the shiny end of the musical spectrum, from stadium rock, alternative metal, modern metal, a bit of djent, and sometimes outright pop influences; Imminence have produced an album of sparkling tunes that thankfully have a bit more to them than just their impressive shine.

Chock full of emphatic vocals and rousing choruses, there’s a large focus on the skill of the singer, and he seems more than capable of handling the scrutiny. His vocals dominate everything here in many ways, although they wouldn’t be as enjoyable as they are if the music let the side down. It doesn’t, and it’s also pleasing that the guitars have some weight to them.

The frequent electronic additions to the songs add both atmosphere and depth, increasing the feeling that you’re witnessing some hyper-modern pop/rock/metal synergy happening.

The production is state-of-the-art, very professional, and polished to within an inch of its life. With some bands this would be too much, but with Imminence it’s necessary to allow the music the breathing space to expand into. These songs won’t be constrained easily, and the lavish recording allows them the room they need to impress with all the sonic power they can muster.

Of course, being on the much more commercial end of the rock/metal spectrum won’t endear this to fans of the more aggressive styles, but for this kind of music that’s not the point. What we have here is stadium-friendly modern music that’s catchy and memorable, and with more atmosphere and depth than a lot of similar bands manage. Occasionally parts of a song veer too close to actual pop for comfort, but these are mainly the exception rather than the rule. As a whole, for me, the album largely works, and This Is Goodbye is a very enjoyable listen.

Give this a try.

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