Acranius – Reign of Terror (Review)

AcraniusThis is the third album from German brutal death metallers Acranius.

Slam! Bash! Death! Crunch! Destroy! Chug! Squeal! Blammo!

Here’s a band that loves to chug. Heavy chugs and vicious slamming beatdowns mean only one thing; it’s time to break out your best dance moves and head on into the mosh pit.

This is music that’s designed to get you moving. Sure, they can play faster when they want to, but Acranius are all about the sick grooves and thunderous heavy chugging.

Chug chug.

Can I use the word chug in this review even more I wonder? Hmm…


Ahem. There’s more than just chugging here, of course. After all, the band also like a good squeal now and then.

The album has a strong sound that allows Acranius to focus exclusively on crushing with their brutal heaviosity. These songs are high-energy and infectiously heavy.

Hmm, I’ve used the word heavy a lot now, too. Well, it describes them well. Heavy grooves and slamming beats abound, and Reign of Terror does exactly what you’d want a slamming death metal album to do.

The songs fuse brutal death metal and deathcore together in a bloody mix of carnage and destruction. This is not an album for the weak. I hope you have the requisite stamina for this – get ready to ferociously headbang for the full 32 minutes.

The more I listen to this more more infectious and enjoyable it gets. There’s something about the grooves and beats that just won’t quit. Reign of Terror is relatively short and certainly gets the adrenaline running. Here’s an album that’s good and knows it is.

Check it out.

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