Cardinal – Áwiergedon (Review)

CardinalCardinal are an experimental blackened doom/drone band.

This is a dark mix of experimental doom/drone, noise, neo-folk and atmospheric music, all roughly contained in a vaguely blackened framework.

The songs mainly focus on creating harsh atmospheres via frequently paired up noise and guitars. Distorted percussion can be faintly heard in the background occasionally, too.

If you think of the album as a series of atmospheric black metal intro tracks that have been corrupted and warped by noise and experimental harshness, then you wouldn’t be too far off what Áwiergedon sounds like.

The abrupt endings to the songs reinforce this view, lending the album a feeling of atmospheric experimental grindcore in some ways, or of a twisted, pained film soundtrack of sorts.

The tracks are all largely relatively short, giving the album a feeling of providing you with a series of discrete listening experiences. There’s no real flow as such to the album; however, the disjointed nature actually works quite well with such an esoteric release such as this.

When vocals appear they’re barely human, having a sludgy liquid feel to them as if the vocalist is trying to breathe through a slit, pulped mess of a throat.

Take the inventive, engaging noise of Gridfailure and mix with the underground blackened darkness of Natanas and you’ll have a starting point for Cardinal’s bleak droning nightmarescapes.

Coming off like a malformed, half-aborted soundtrack to the most horrific film never made, Áwiergedon is surprisingly effective and engaging at what it does.

Check it out.


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