Moontower – Darkness…Glory to Hatred (Review)

MoontowerMoontower are a Polish black metal band and this is their fifth album.

Sometimes it’s impossible to beat a blast of icy, cold, raw, Satanic black metal played like it was still the 90s. Darkness…Glory to Hatred is just such a beast as this.

For someone into their black metal it’s hard to not enjoy this. The passion and authenticity in the music is undeniable, and the songs seem to explode out of the speakers like a vicious diatribe given physical form.

This is underground black metal and if you know the style at all you’ll be familiar with what you’re getting across this 34 minutes. This is not a place for innovation or experimentation, this is a place for worshipping the dark gods of black metal and arming yourself with weapons made of frost.

Adhering to the basic second wave template makes the music no less effective, however; quite the reverse in fact. The songs on this release are easily enjoyable and have a purity of intent to them that speaks of simpler times, prior to the explosion of sub-genres that exist in black metal nowadays.

Darkness…Glory to Hatred is very satisfying black metal. No more, no less.

Get listening.

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