Aseethe – Hopes of Failure (Review)

AseetheAseethe are a doom band from the US. This is their second album.

I like Aseethe. Over the years they’ve produced a very respectable body of work, one which is most enjoyable and should be checked out by anyone into doom with drone-like qualities and plenty of heaviness.

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first; heavy, crushing, demolishing, etc. etc. Yes, Aseethe know how to write a riff that can flatten a house. In fact, the first song on here, Sever the Head, starts off exactly like that. We like this very much.

Aseethe worship at the altar of minimalist, repetitive drone/doom. Their music is the kind that gets under your skin, burrowing deep and staying there before you even know what’s hit you.

The vocals are shared between their guitarist and bassist, and both have voices that go well with this kind of music. One is deeper, one is higher; both shout and roar their way through the music in their own quite personable ways. We even get some cleans on the final song, Into the Sun. Nice. Their performances are effective and engaging.

The guitars play a prominent and pivotal role in the Aseethe aesthetic. Of course, we mustn’t neglect the singer or the other instruments either; it would all be far less impactful if it weren’t for the crashing drums or the underpinning bass.

It’s not all about the heaviness though, as the band also know when to take a step back from the distortion and add in some nuance and shading to their songs. This added appreciation of texture and colour is one of the things that sets Aseethe apart from many of their peers.

Whereas in the past the band have used electronics/keyboards in their sound here and there, this has been largely stripped back and is much less pronounced on Hopes of Failure than it is on some of their other works.

Hopes of Failure is a monster of an album, make no mistake. It contains, I think, some of Aseethe’s strongest material to date.

Highly recommended.

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