Deserted Fear – Dead Shores Rising (Review)

Deserted FearThis is the third album from German death metal band Deserted Fear.

I thoroughly enjoyed their second album Kingdom of Worms; it was a really solid album of death metal by a band that remembered the importance of actual songs.

Kingdom of Worms also effectively combined the classic, old-school sound with more modern influences to produce an album that sat somewhere between the two and was therefore something a little different in some ways than a lot of death metal out there.

Dead Shores Rising continues this theme. With influences from both the Swedish and US death metal styles apparent in their sound, and with a thoroughly old-school album cover, the album nonetheless still manages to have its cake and eat it by smashing together old and new. The result is a crushing mix of death metal styles that’s a very satisfying and enjoyable listen.

The album starts with a rather grand opening number, (imaginatively titled Intro), which sets expectations quite high for what might be to come. First track proper, The Fall of Leaden Skies, erupts into the airwaves with a high-impact display of upbeat, melodic death metal that has plenty of bite and style.

So yes, here we have a band that manages to successfully combine elements of a few different sub-genres of death metal into a cohesive package. Add to this a flair for writing snappy, melodic riffs, as well as focusing on actual songs, and you have a very strong album indeed.

Emotive leads and energetic riffs work together to form music that is catchy and memorable. Each of the songs on Dead Shores Rising has its own reason for existence, and by that I mean there’s no real filler on this album. Each track justifies itself and the entire thing flows well from beginning to end.

The album has a punchy, crunchy production that sounds very shiny and expensive. It works very well with the music, allowing the songs to come alive and play to their strengths.

It seems that Deserted Fear have capitalised on everything I liked about Kingdom of Worms. Dead Shores Rising is, I think, better in pretty much every way.

If they can make the most out of this album I can easily see Deserted Fear blowing up some of the larger death metal tours in the world. Dead Shores Rising definitely has what it takes to take the band to the next level.

Looking for catchy, kick-ass death metal that’s memorable and gratifying? Look no further.

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