Vereor Nox – Noli Respicere (Review)

Vereor NoxThis is the debut album from Italian symphonic black/death metallers Vereor Nox.

In some ways this reminds me of The Forest Dreams of Black by Tine, which is one of my favourite examples of how to merge black and death metal with symphonic elements. Although Vereor Nox don’t sound like carbon copies of Tine, there’s enough superficial resemblance to make me instantly warm to the music on Noli Respicere.

The singer has a deep growl that’s very satisfying. Her voice is pitch-black and sounds as if Hades is being channelled through the noises she makes.

Black metal and death metal influences are combined into the music in such a way that they merge with each other and complement each other in an easy, unforced way. Some bands that combine the two add them together one part after the other, for example, but on Noli Respicere these elements are fused in a natural way. And it sounds good.

The symphonic elements are done in a 90s black metal style. Not only do they work very well, but they also make me quite nostalgic. These parts remind me of Cradle of Filth mixed with a bit of The Sins of Thy Beloved. Very tasty.

Working underneath the symphonic elements are the muscular guitars that tread the line between death metal’s forthright brutality and black metal’s frigid hate. Solid drums round the package off and I particularly like how the blast beats sound.

The songs are well-written and the production values are strong enough to let the band sound quite powerful and as they create their blackened vision.

I’ve really enjoyed this. The album has a good mix of 90s influences combined with a more modern approach that works a treat. This is the kind of thing I find very easy to just listen to over and over again. I suggest you do too.

Highly recommended.

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