Lectern – Precept of Delator (Review)

LecternThis is the second album from Italian death metallers Lectern.

Precept of Delator is classic-styled death metal, played well and with a good knowledge of the genre. We get nine songs in 37 minutes, with the band ably demonstrating what they can do.

There’s a lot of enjoyable, catchy riffs on these tracks, with brutality and feeling each represented in good measure. The band are clearly influenced by the USDM and Floridian scenes, as well as some slight thrash metal elements here and there. They also know when to give the chugging assault a good workout when they need to, while tearing out the blast beats at other times.

The singer’s gruff, deep growls are of the classic cookie monster style, and that’s no bad thing. Combined with the band’s blast-and-groove approach and the inclusion of thoughtful and memorable riffs, it’s a great mixture.

There are some tasty solos on here too, which is always nice to hear.

The album has a warm, almost fleshy production that nonetheless is heavy and fuzzy enough to allow the band to go in for the kill.

This is a well-written and very satisfying collection of songs. The riffs are well-thought out and there’s something very gratifying about this kind of timeless death metal attack.

I greatly enjoyed this. Highly recommended.

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