Uburen – Frå Døden Fødes Liv (Review)

UburenThis is the second album from this Norwegian black metal band.

Their debut album Withered Roots was Viking-themed black metal with a touch of death metal now and again, and very enjoyable it was.

As with their debut release, this album plays to the more extreme end of the Viking metal sub-genre, essentially to the point where they’re a purestrain black metal band really.

The production is sleek and threatening, distinctly of the underground, but when combined with their cutting riffs it’s sharp and menacing enough to cut skin.

Taking their second-wave black metal influences and running with them, the tracks on Frå Døden Fødes Liv have an ear for a good melody and are all quite satisfying to listen to.

A lot of the material on here is fast and furious, with the band lighting up the airwaves with their barbed playing. The relentless assault that Uburen subject the listener to makes for a gripping listen, despite what speed they’re playing at.

When they do choose to slow down a bit the groovy riffs are prime-time black metal and hit the spot nicely. The blackened grooves are as cold as ice.

They’re not without atmosphere or finesse either, with the band demonstrating a few different facets of their talented approach to rawness across these 51 minutes.

The vocals should get a special mention, as they sound quite unhinged and forceful. The singer has an imposing presence and his throat-shredding screams provide ample focal point for the blackened maelstrom that churns around him.

Better than their debut album; Uburen have clearly come of age on this release and obviously know what they’re doing with the style. Frå Døden Fødes Liv is chock-full of well-written authentic black metal that can’t fail to impress if you’re into this kind of thing at all.

Highly enjoyable and highly recommended.

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