Interview with Lectern

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Lectern’s second album Precept of Delator is a very satisfying listen. Containing the kind of classic death metal that reaffirms why you love the genre, it’s 37 minutes of warm, fleshy death metal that hits the spot quite nicely.

Long-serving bassist/vocalist Fabio Bava and drummer Marco Valentine talk of things truly metal…

Introduce us to Lectern

Fabio: This is a death metal band, out with Precept of Delator as our last record on the market, so far. You read of us here, as we are promoting this release of nine songs through some videoclips too, at its finest. We really believe in this new opus, take a listen on the web to understand who are we. Lectern is now a four piece again, with the joining of Gabriele Cruz on the other guitar, last August of this year. We, the Word of Satan! Join us into the abyss! Continue reading


Lectern – Precept of Delator (Review)

LecternThis is the second album from Italian death metallers Lectern.

Precept of Delator is classic-styled death metal, played well and with a good knowledge of the genre. We get nine songs in 37 minutes, with the band ably demonstrating what they can do. Continue reading