Debutante – EP3 (Review)

DebutanteDebutante is a solo-project from Switzerland and this is his latest EP of electro rock/drone/pop.

From the blurb – “An EP about anxiety, depression and crippling, petty envy.” So now you know.

Here we have 30 minutes of droning doomgaze with electro-pop/punk elements and a feeling of industrialised 80s pop. It’s a striking sound that you find on EP3, and one that I’ve really enjoyed.

The music is somewhere between Godflesh, Boris, Wildildlife and something like Gridfailure only with big beats. The music is constructed with elements of these styles, taking pot shots at the mainstream while building its own narrative from the scraps left by others also on the journey to sonic enlightenment and artistry.

The winding and twisting melodies are punctuated by all manner of noises and additional sounds, some harsh, some soft. Alongside these are emotive vocals that sound both familiar and unusual, recalling a sort of unhinged, demented Moby to my ears.

Although it will undoubtedly be an acquired taste for most, I have very much enjoyed this.

Highly recommended.

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