None Shall Fall – This Is Why We Do It (Review)

None Shall FallNone Shall Fall are a hardcore band from the Netherlands, this is their debut EP.

This is a short release – 3 tracks in under 10 minutes – acting as a showcase for the band.

This is heavy hardcore with a few pinches of metalcore here and there. The tracks stay true to the origins of the genre, with obvious hardcore influences alongside some metal ones that you frequently encounter in bands like this these days.

Each of the songs show the band’s innate aggressive tendencies, although this is done with a positive mindset, rather than the negativity that is usually so prevalent in a lot of bands.

The singer has a throaty shout that fits the music well. Some gang vocals also appear to back him up, although he seems more than capable of holding his own.

This is less polished and less generic than I was expecting – its hardcore energy is obvious and the tracks rumble and bash their way through the playing time with enthusiasm.

The band have a decent sound, with even the bass being audible amidst the distortion and aggression.

An enjoyable glimpse into what None Shall Fall are all about.

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