Karnak Seti – The Distance That Made Us Cold (Review)

Karnak SetiKarnak Seti are from Portugal and play melodic/groove metal. This is their third album.

The Distance That Made Us Cold is an album that bursts out of the speakers with a strong and confident sound, polished to perfection but not lacking in some underground grit when the songs need it.

The singer has a gruff voice that sees him shouting and growling his way through the playing time like a man determined to cause harm. Semi-cleans are used to add extra emotive content, and these are performed well, as are all of the vocals.

Musically, we have an unashamedly modern mix of groove, thrash, melodic and European metal. Think Darkane, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, In Flames, etc. as reference points, only with probably a little bit more heaviness and modern thrash influence.

The band have a satisfying crunch to their music, and the songs on this album have a good combination of aggression and melody. Quality riffs, good leads and some overall nice playing make for songs that hit the mark more often than they don’t.

This is very much an album that grows on you over time. Although it’s perfectly enjoyable on first listen, it just seems to improve on subsequent run-throughs, as the melodies, riffs and relentless vocals drill deeper and deeper into your mind. Before you know it you just can’t get them out.

A recommended listen.

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