Vow of Thorns – Farewell to the Sun (Review)

Vow of ThornsVow of Thorns are a post-black metal band from Canada, and this is their début album.

This is post-black metal with liberal lashings of the depressive and doom styles, and a taste for the progressive too.

The songs have a depressive black metal feel to them, coming from their general demeanour and the melodies used. This is combined with elements of doom’s despondency to create feelings of downbeaten misery. However, this is compensated for by the more upbeat nature of a lot of the blackened riffs and the progressive/post-metal influences. This results in a multi-faceted release that is more than just one thing.

The juxtaposition of misery and enlightenment that pervades some of this music is quite effective in stirring both negative and positive emotions in the listener. Whereas some parts of the music are dedicated to one or the other, frequently Vow of Thorns find a way to incorporate both concurrently.

Whether playing upbeat or downbeat, (or kind of both), the band are focused and show an attention to detail in their craft. The songs are well-written and achieve what their makers intend for them.

I enjoyed this, and I’d recommend you check them out too. Have a listen.

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