Monument of a Memory – Catharsis (Review)

Monument of a MemoryMonument of a Memory are from the US and play modern metal. This is their second EP.

This is modern metalcore with plenty of aggression and heaviness. The foundation of NWOAHM is intact and added to by some heavier and faster parts, which is always nice to hear.

With a strong sound the band rip through the material with ease and obvious passion. The songs are well-constructed and definitely on the more extreme end of the spectrum for this kind of thing – there are no huge stadium-friendly choruses, for example. I like the fact that the songs keep up the intensity throughout, even when there are ‘nicer’ parts.

As for the vocals; the singer here has a fine set of lungs; shouting, growling and screaming his heart out. His is a finely aggressive voice, clearly designed for the role. Clean vocals first appear on the third track Holdfast, briefly adding an extra layer of colour while the harsh vocals continue in the background. They make further appearances on the two songs after this too, albeit brief ones as the carnage rages around them.

Some good riffs form the basis of the tracks, and there are some nice breakdowns and solos included to.

If you mix Lamb of God and Parkway Drive together and add a pinch of the Scandinavian melodeth scene, then you’ll have an idea of where Monument of a Memory live.

At just under 24 minutes in length this is a nice short shot of modern aggression and focused rage. Monument of a Memory show much promise indeed.

Favourite Track: Heaven Is a Place on Earth Without You.

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