Cough – Still They Pray (Review)

CoughThis is the third album from Cough, a doom metal band from the US.

Cough. It’s a funny name for a band. Still, I’ve heard worse, a lot worse.

If you’re a fan of bands like Yob, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Candlemass and the like, then you’ll probably already know that Cough create the kind of repetitive, hypnotic doomscapes that you’re gonna love.

This is drawn-out doom which is in no hurry to get anywhere in particular. It’s like a journey without a specific destination, not caring where it ends up as long as it preaches the sermon of slow across a lengthy and unhurried sonic ritual.

These songs are darkly brooding and claustrophobic, slowly releasing their doom metal poisoned payloads on an unsuspecting world. Elements of psychedelia and sludge can be heard in their sound, which allows them more avenues for exploration than a pure doom metal band would have.

With vocals that are either of the clean stoner variety or harsh high-pitched screams, you can’t fault the performance levels.

Featuring a warmly fuzzy sound, the band tread where others have gone before them, making the most of this musical legacy to provide us with 68 minutes of droned-out doom bliss.

A recommended listen for all fans of doom.

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