Stheno – Liberty Crawls in Waste (Review)

SthenoStheno are a blackened grindcore band from Greece. This is their début album.

I like Stheno. Their split with Grassroll introduced me to their blackened grinding ultra-violence, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

So, joy of joys, we now have a full 20 minutes of their nasty savagery to enjoy, and enjoy it we do.

The deep growling vocals are as harsh as fuck, and the screams seem capable of ripping off faces and shredding skin from 100 paces.

The music is blasting chaos, but not completely uncontrolled; Stheno know what they’re doing. Their grind is dark and furious, with both crust and black metal elements in places dotted around the musical landscape like dark pits of festering corpses. Rare snippets of melody appear here and there, like staved survivors looking for salvation.

This is well-written grind, with actual thought going into the tracks. It may not seem like it to the casual listener, but connoisseurs of the style will recognise that the various changes in speed, mood, sub-genre styles and dynamics are all very well done. Stheno confirm what we already know from their previous work – they have a real talent for grinding.

Stheno’s pitch-black delivery of their corrupt, brutal grindcore is what makes Liberty Crawls in Waste so enjoyable. These 13 songs defy the listener to remain neutral, instead, imploring them to take a side and join the fight.

Oh, glorious brutality! We worship thee, and thy name is Stheno.

All hail.

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