Centinex – Doomsday Rituals (Review)

CentinexThis is the tenth album from this Swedish death metal institution.

After thoroughly enjoying the catchy brutality of their last album, Redeeming Filth, this latest release is eagerly awaited and gratefully received.

Followers of this site will know that I have somewhat of a soft spot for Swedish death metal. There’s just something primal and satisfying about it; more often than not it just does the trick. Centinex have the additional selling point of being one of the originals, so Doomsday Rituals is as authentic as it gets in many respects.

The songs here revolve around hooks, groove and plenty of barbaric riffage. Centinex like things simple, short and straight to the bloody point. It’s a recipe for success in my book and Doomsday Rituals once again sees the band pumping out choice cuts of prime death metal.

This is a solid album of quality death metal, played by professionals and delivered with style. The songs are more than welcome visitors on first listen, and after repeated listens they settle into your home like old friends you never knew you had.

Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended.

Favourite Track: Dismemberment Supreme. Catchy and heavy. What’s not to like?

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