Thundering Herd – Backyard Junkyard (Review)

Thundering HerdThis is the début album from this US Southern/stoner metal band.

This is a riotous, rocking collection of tracks that offer high energy hooks and a filthy disposition.

Barkyard Junkyard is full of hard rocking tunes with plenty of swagger and confidence. It’s riff-hungry and full of energetic guitars. Decent solos, (and fretwork in general), is included, alongside some harmonica use too on one track.

These songs are quite vigorous and I like how lively and full of life they are. The Southern vibe is expressed well and the band work with the distinctive flavour of Southern rock with ease. The metal aspect of their sound is present and correct though, represented by the heavier distortion than is normal for the style.

The singer’s voice makes a good impression and he keeps the high-octane music on point throughout. He belts out some catchy melodies and works well with the music’s earthy vibes.

At 44 minutes in length Backyard Junkyard offers a rawkus selection of rocking songs, heavy enough to provide substance yet still in keeping with the spirit of stoner rock.

Enjoyable and recommended.

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