Invocation – Seance – Part: 1 (Review)

InvocationComing from Chile, this is the début demo release from Invocation, who are a blackened death metal band.

Seance – Part: 1 has a nicely raw sound and underground recording. It suits the music well and lends it a grim power that the band exploit mercilessly. If they inject a bit more thickness and substance to the production in the future, I think they’ll have a strong platform for their music.

Invocation’s style is finely balanced between black and death metal, taking parts from both and weaving them together with the skill of seasoned veterans. Sometimes the black metal style is the predominant one, whereas at other times the death metal influence comes to the fore.

Filled to the brim with slithering, nasty, occult vibes; Invocation spew forth their unholy diatribes and cast evil spells on all who will listen. This is done via the medium of distorted hymns and percussive mantras.

Definitely one for the lovers of underground extreme metal gems; with a bit of spit and polish Invocation could turn out to be something quite special in the future. If this is only Part 1 of the seance, I eagerly look forward to Part 2.

Favourite Track: Devout Effusions.

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