Blakk Old Blood/Black Devotion – Split (Review)

Blakk Old Blood Black DevotionBlakk Old Blood are from Switzerland and Black Devotion are from the US. Both bands play Black Metal and have teamed up for this split release, each contributing one song.

Blakk Old Blood start us off with 7 Chants, which is almost 5 minutes in length.

The band’s Black Metal is old-school, classic and raw as a sandpapered burn. The song crackles and blasts its way through the playing time with the blackened subtlety of a maniac with a meat cleaver.

This is primitive, underground and nasty, full of Satanic bile and hideous blasphemy.

If you have a taste for underground Black Metal then it’s hard not to find this endearing, in a grim, evil way, of course.

Good stuff.

We then move on to Black Devotion and their song Prophets of the Black Arts of Samael, which has a running time of just over 5 minutes.

Although Black Devotion are similar in style to Blakk Old Blood, they nonetheless have a different feel about them. This is partially due to the recording quality, which shows them a little cleaner and with a thicker guitar sound than their split-mates. However, this is still underground and raw, and definitely not the kind of thing that most Metal fans would arguably care for. Which is a shame, as it’s a quality track.

A slight Death Metal influence to some of the riffs doesn’t detract from the blackened Satanic evil that emanates from every pore of the music. The singer’s sickening screams dig deep into the underworld for daemonic inspiration as the music blasts and grooves into your mind.

Once again; good stuff.

A short and ugly split between two undergound Black Metal bands that know their trade and are good at what they do. This stuff practically sells itself. If only there were more buyers.

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