Omega Monolith – Fungus (Review)

Omega MonolithThis is the latest album by Greek Doom Rockers Omega Monolith.

Omega Monolith fuse Doom and Heavy/Progressive Rock together to create three sprawling tracks that constitute Fungus. At 43 minutes in length, their musical vision gets a thorough exploration and no avenue for drawn-out claustrophobia is left out.

Fungus is born out of a desire to see building waves of repetitive mood sweeping across the planet. It may start with the band’s instruments, but where will it end?

These songs are instrumental, so there are no vocals to provide a focal point for the listener’s attention. Instead, the entire range of the music is where the listener seems to lose themselves, lost in the intimacy of the band’s soundscapes.

The music creates a space that is both expansive and suffocating, the seeming contradiction making sense in light of the juxtaposition of apocalyptic guitars and reflective softness of the atmospheric aspects of the tracks.

The band have a knack for including interesting ideas that make the listener sit up and take notice. These are incorporated into the music effortlessly so that they’re a natural addition to the flow of the songs. I particularly like the drumming on this release too; the drummer does a lot of different things with his kit and clearly isn’t content with taking just a supporting role in the music.

A very impressive and fully-realised album. Highly recommended.

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