My Death Belongs to You – The World Seems to be Fading (Review)

My Death Belongs to You - The World Seems to be FadingMy Death Belongs to You is a one-man funeral doom band from Switzerland and this is his debut album.

Here we have 57 minutes of funeral doom brought to us by the artist behind bands such as Ancient Moon and Enoid. Considering the quality of those bands, I had high hopes for My Death Belongs to You and I have not been disappointed.

I do enjoy a bit of funeral doom, which is slightly paradoxical in a way, considering the style is all about the misery and woe. I can’t help it though; the combination of glacially slow pace, morose rhythm guitars, grim mournful melodies, and pitch-black guttural growls is just a winner in my book. Even when played less-well it’s usually still competent enough, but when played as well as it is on The World Seems to be Fading, then I can’t help but fall for it.

Funeral doom is not music to just throw on lightly, nor is it a style that a band would necessarily choose to play just for fun. As such, releases like this tend to be ones that have been carefully made and lovingly crafted by their creators, usually imbuing the music with deep emotion and meaning. This is certainly true of The World Seems to be Fading; a lot of work has clearly gone into these songs by the artist in question, and the end result is something darkly compelling.

So, if you want to spend almost an hour wrapped in sadness, misery, and despondency, then I highly suggest you give The World Seems to be Fading a go. It has atmosphere and emotive darkness in bucketfuls, it’s well-written, performed, and recorded, and is just a damn fine example of funeral doom. Go on, I insist you listen to My Death Belongs to You’s evocative music for a while and let the darkness take you.

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