Tenth Amendment – Conviction (Review)

Tenth AmendmentThis is the second album from this US Metal band.

Tenth Amendment play modern Metal with groove and aggression. Back in the 90s when this kind of thing was just called either Metal or Hardcore rather than groove Metal or Metalcore, (usually due to how the band looked more than anything else), bands like Pantera, Fear Factory, Machine Head, Merauder, Skinlab and Pro-Pain we all staples of my CD collection, and Tenth Amendment very much remind me of that time.

Coming across as a combination of the aforementioned bands, we get song-based aggression with an industrial undercurrent that leans towards the heavier end of the spectrum. The album is very riff-based and there’s a purity of intent inherent in this kind of approach.

Chunky, chugging, groove-based riffs dominate the song structures, with the band opting for the simple-is-better, less-is-more school of songwriting. A major plus point for a release like this is that with its industrial elements and old-school 90s Metal approach they clearly aren’t interested in sounding like too many of today’s current bands. On the, (potential), downside though, as they’re influenced by and styled after a lot of quite iconic trailblazers, whether you get on board with their material depends on your perspective and whether you think they’re too close to the originals or not.

As for me, I initially wasn’t sure, but must confess that the band’s honesty, enthusiasm and solid tried-and-tested songwriting style won me over after a couple of tracks, and once you listen to the album a few times there’s more than enough to get you to return to it. Tenth Commandment do well to write catchy, memorable songs that buck current trends in favour of worshipping The Riff and all that’s good and pure about heavy music.

I can’t say I blame them, and I encourage you to check them out.

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