Solifvgae – Avenoir (Review)

SolifvgaeThis is the début album from Brazilian Post-Black Metal band Solifvgae.

Solifvgae take the harshness of the core of Black Metal and wrap it up in Post-Metal reflection and exploration, making for an album that spreads itself across two worlds, taking in both aspects in equal measure. It’s almost a band of two parts, as the heavy bits are sharp and concise, while the more progressive/exploratory sections are wandering and expansive.

Imagine the lighter, softer parts of Isis or Neurosis combined with the heavier parts of Enslaved and you’ll be in the right area that Solifvgae lurk in. Resplendent Post-Metal melodies combine with aggressive blackened riffing and exploratory contemplation.

The album has a good sound, as is usually the case when you can clearly hear the bass and the contribution it makes. This is almost always a plus point with me, and on Avenoir all of the instruments are played well and with conviction.

The vocalist screams and growls his way through the atmospheric music. The screams make up the bulk of the vocals and these are nicely high-pitched and cutting.

These songs carve an interesting and enjoyable path through the Post-Black Metal landscape, taking in both the blackened aggression and reflective atmosphere of their influences, delivering 35 minutes of engaging music.

Highly recommended.

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