Phazm – Scornful of Icons (Review)

PhazmPhazm are from France and this is their fourth album. They play Black Metal.

Phazm’s brand of Black Metal is influenced by the Death ‘n’ Roll style as well as old-school Black Metal. These elements combine to produce a very likeable collection of songs that focus on being a catchy and enjoyable combination of blast beats, groove and inhuman vocals.

Including some interesting ideas and additions here and there, (violins, female vocals, unusual male vocals), Phazm generally get on with the business of playing energetic Black Metal with a decent Death Metal element, albeit a blackened one.

There’s a lot of catchy riffs and melodies used throughout these tracks and it takes no effort to return to this album again and again for some easy listening. Well, easy listening is all relative, I suppose, as to the average person on the street I imagine this would still just sound like noise or something.

In some ways this is an unusual album as it has a definite individual feel to it. Even though you can readily identify the roots of a lot of the components of the music, it still feels like they’re doing their own thing within these influences.

The singer’s performance is particularly of note, with all manner of vocalisations used in his delivery, including some quite atypical and odd ones that shouldn’t really work, but somehow mostly do.

An interesting and unusual listen that grows on you the more you sit with it. Check it out.

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