Stillborn – Testimonio de Bautismo (Review)

StillbornThis is the fifth album from Polish Blackened Death Metallers Stillborn.

Stillborn play abrasive, rough Death Metal with a Black Metal edge. It’s gritty, jagged and quite enjoyable. A Thrash Metal influence raises its head on some of the riffs too, lending the band an extra energy on occasion.

Their sound is one of a Black Metal band playing Death Metal, with the recording following this accordingly.

This is malevolent, Satanic music that has a decent blackened side to the deathly brutality. The songs have an earthy authenticity to them that’s made all the more enjoyable simply due to the good riffs and barbarous blackened sheen that everything has.

Ugly growls and dirty shrieks form the bedrock of the vocals as the music blasts and slashes its way through the 34 minute playing time. The songs are well-written and it’s clear that the band have learned a thing or two during their near two-decade existence.

Decent riffs, decent songs, murderous atmosphere; Stillborn have a new fan here.

Recommended for all fans of underground brutality.

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