Praise the Flame – Manifest Rebellion (Review)

Praise the FlamePraise the Flame are a Death Metal band from Chile. This is their début album.

This is uncompromising Death Metal with both a Thrash Metal and a Black Metal edge. It’s a murky, Old-School affair that’s ferocious and brutal but still retains a cohesive songwriting aesthetic geared towards worshipping the old Metal gods.

Deathly growls are pitch-black and cavernous. The singer sounds rough and nasty.

The music’s Death Metal core is barbarous and it’s good to see the Thrash Metal influence ramp things up a notch in the energy levels of the songs. The Black Metal influence is a bit more subtle and manifests in the air of darkness and occult evil that the songs exude.

It pleases me that they’re not just a one-trick pony either, with a decent amount of variation and pacing in the songwriting.

Like something old and ancient dredged up from lost memories, Praise the Flame have created 45 minutes of music that sounds sinister and harsh.

Enjoyable and atavistic, Manifest Rebellion does its job nicely. Prepare to rebel.

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