Macabre Omen – Gods of War – At War (Review)

Macabre OmenMacabre Omen are from Greece and play Black Metal. This is their second album.

I really enjoyed Macabre Omen’s first album, The Ancient Returns, and it’s been over a decade since that so I was very pleased when I found out they had a second one out, finally.

This is an hour of quality Black Metal that has an epic feeling and Pagan influences.

Staying mainly in the mid-paced arena, they do speed things up when necessary and they know how to make the most of these high-energy sections.

The songs are all well composed and this is a band that thrives on writing emotive Blackened riffs.

The guitar melodies are frequently stirring and full of grandeur. Macabre Omen fill their songs with an epic feeling despite not being an overtly ostentatious band. Subtle additions of keyboards and ethnic instrumentation/influences enhance the Blackened core and pay homage to their Pagan roots.

The vocals are mainly impassioned screams that almost turn into shouts in places, like the hoarse cries on an ancient battlefield.

Macabre Omen have produced a very impressive second album that may be long overdue but has definitely been worth the wait.

Worthy of a place in anyone’s collection.

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