Embrional – The Devil Inside (Review)

EmbrionalEmbrional are a Death Metal band from Poland and this is their second album.

If the album cover alone doesn’t make you want to listen to this album then I don’t know what will.

This is evil and sinister Death Metal that blasts and thrashes around with the best of them but still keeps an air of the malevolent occult.

The sound is one of a good quality underground band; professional enough to do the music justice yet loose enough to allow the band’s black light to shine through.

Decent growling vocals are ably performed and the singer has a satisfying roar.

The songs are enjoyable slices of dark death and the band have enough ideas and variety within their brutal assault to provide something a little different from a straight ahead Brutal Death Metal band.

Strewn around the rubble of the main Death Metal assault are moments of bleak atmosphere and surprising detail. Elements of near-Black Metal introspection occur and are swiftly combined with the Death Metal assault to create interesting songs that definitely have their own personality.

The band clearly have a good grasp of pacing and know how to follow a good line of riffing to its (un)natural conclusion. In pretty much every song there are a few choice moments where you sit back and think “Ooooo this is a good bit”.

If you’re looking for some occult Death Metal that’s a little different and has more to offer than just pure brutality then The Devil Inside is definitely worthy of your attention.

Favourite Track: Hard to pick, but maybe Funeral March; it’s one of the more Black Metal/Doom inspired songs here yet still finds time for some blasting brutality and a breakdown-style section that would do Decapitated proud. Essentially, like the album as a whole, it’s just really damn good.


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