Blame Kandinsky – Pink Noise Motel (Review)

Blame KandinskyBlame Kandinsky are from Greece and this is their debut EP. They play chaotic Hardcore.

This is angular Hardcore in the style of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, et al. They play their chosen brand of mayhem with pride and skill, peeling off riff after riff of controlled chaos and deliberate discord.

These songs have a passionate energy to them that’s an essential part of any band that plays this style.

Thankfully, Blame Kandinsky are more than just a few hastily slapped together riffs as that can easily become dull; they know the importance of following riffs through to their natural conclusion and of creating atmosphere, no matter how fleeting or obscured by chaotic frenzy.

The singer has a charismatic voice that’s somewhat of a scream-ier version of the Every Time I Die singer’s style.

It’s always good to hear this kind of music, especially when delivered with obvious passion and ability.

These five songs, (and one pointless intro), showcase a talented band who have developed their sound into a force to be reckoned with already. If they can build on these strong foundations and continue to develop their individuality then their eventual album should be a stunner.

Highly recommended.

Favourite Track: Nascency.Admittance.Guilt.Rebirth. Some top quality riffing and vocal patterns combined with some Converge-esque atmospherics mean this song is a firm favourite of mine.

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