Monolithe – Zero/II (Review)

0France’s Monolithe play Doom. And lots of it.

This is a review of two releases, Zero and II, both of which are reissues.

Zero contains one new intro track, as well as the entirety of their Interlude First and Interlude Second EPs. Both have been completely remastered, as well as the two tracks that comprised Interlude Second being combined together into one long song. You can read my original review of Interlude Second here.

II is their second album, containing one 50 minute song, and has also been completely remastered.

So what’s changed? Essentially the sound is a lot fuller, well-rounded and less plastic feeling. The originals had a perfectly fine sound of course, but the songs now sound as if they are clearer, warmer and just plain better. The instruments are in a better place balance-wise and the bass seems more noticeable as well.

IIMonolithe specialise in epic Doom of the long variety, with lots to take in and some space-age effects added into the mix.

Deep, bowel-shaking growls accompany the music and the band create dirge-like soundscapes that accompany the listener on a musical journey through unexpected places and wide vistas of possibilities.

If you’re unfamiliar with Monolithe these are an excellent set of releases to start with.

I heartily recommend both.

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