Idols Plague – Nursery Crimes (Review)

Idols PlagueIdols Plague are from the US and play Hardcore.

This is short and to the point; 14 minutes of energetic, stripped down Punk. It may be a short EP but it captures the attention quickly and wastes no time in displaying its wares.

It’s heavy, nasty and all of the things that Hardcore should be. The songs are a blur of speed and groove with the band knowing when to put the foot on the accelerator and when to ease off; they really exploit the groove-laden riffs in this manner.

The band mix a few different styles with their Hardcore, as there is a strong rust element to their sound but also a bit of Classic Grindcore, more Modern Hardcore and even the odd hint of Crossover Thrash.

The songs are surprisingly catchy, both vocally and riff-wise. The vocals are suitably unhinged and desperate-sounding, as if he’s screaming and shouting for his very life. They’re timelessly Hardcore in that they flit between sounding Old-School and sounding Modern, ultimately performing equally well no matter how he employs his lungs.

The band are loose and underground enough to sound very natural, with nothing forced or contrived. This, coupled with the songwriting, means that this release sounds very fresh. The merging of the different styles into the Crust Punk sound adds a deeper shade of murk to a band that’s essentially song-focused, really bringing home the quality of the tracks and impressing with their vitality and longevity.

Rolling through a town near you like a freight train, I give you Idols Plague. Listen loud.

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