Inanimate Existence – A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement (Review)

Inanimate ExistenceInanimate Existence are a Technical Death Metal band from the US.

An exotic intro and equally exotic album cover set the scene for this otherworldly adventure in brutality and technical wizardry.

Long songs and fretwork dexterity are the order of the day here, although the band never lose sight of the aggression and brutality that is the hallmark of Death Metal.

A good sound means that all of this frenetic widdling can be appreciated and the drums are punishing, proficient but not overpowering. I mustn’t neglect the bass either, as it’s actually audible and has a part to play in these tracks. There are also some shredding solos and leads.

The singer’s vocals growl and grunt like a windswept vortex causing destruction wherever it goes.

Slower parts occasionally appear, allowing the band to show restraint and to maximise the moments of atmosphere they foster. They also experiment with percussion, lighter moments, Progressive Metal and even some female vocals. These parts enhance the songs making them more than they might otherwise be, as well as stopping them becoming too repetitive or predictable.

The songs are highly enjoyable and expertly crafted.

Top quality.

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