Vanhelgd – Relics of Sulphur Salvation (Review)

VanhelgdThis is the third album by Swedish Death Metallers Vanhelgd.

Interesting fact – the vast majority of all of the bands that I have reviewed who have been playing the Swedish Death Metal style haven’t actually been from Sweden. Here, however, we have the real thing; authentically Swedish and authentically Death Metal.

So, if you’re a fan of this genre, or even someone who merely flirts with it now an again; you know what to expect here. That doesn’t diminish its impact one iota though.

This is Death Metal with chainsaw guitars and a razor sharp sense of melody. The riffs and spiky melodics threaten to lacerate, they’re that focused.

They have the song skills that go hand in hand with this style and inject a real sense of horror and suspense into proceedings. Vanhelgd are especially good when creating an atmosphere with their riffs; when the dark melodics crash into each other or propel the song onwards underneath a sea of blastbeats. Crushing stuff.

There are eight songs in total and each one is all brawn and gristle. Vanhelgd are perfect ambassadors for this style and present it in its best light.

A very strong album and a very enjoyable way to kill 40 minutes. Long live Swedish Death Metal!

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