Cleric – Gratum Inferno (Review)

ClericCleric are from the US and play a distinctly Swedish brand of Old-School Death Metal.

From the start it’s obvious that the band worship at the altar of the Swedish Gods of Death Metal. This is no bad thing.

Over time it’s dawned on me that I really am quite partial to this style of Death Metal. Something about the generally slow, lumbering heaviness of the riffs combined with that chainsaw-guitar sound seems to do it for me quite nicely.

Cleric have this sound in spades, and embody it whether they are crushingly slow, moderately demolishing or speedily blasting. This is 29 minutes of hero worship that I’m quite happy to listen to.

The vocalist doesn’t let the side down either, with a voice like gravel that belches out blasphemy and death.

If you know your Swedish Death Metal, (even if it’s not Swedish), then you’ll know what to expect here, and you’ll either like it or not. I like it.

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