Agiel – Dark Pantheons (Review)

AgielHailing from the US, Agiel play furious Symphonic Death Metal.

This 5 track EP is a calling card of beauty and brutality combined. A velvet-covered iron-fist smash to the face.

The songs are fast and interesting, with the strings and effects creating quite an exciting atmosphere on top of the underlying blasting.

This is how Death Metal would sound if it ever scored a film soundtrack. Bombastic and epic, while remaining utterly bestial and deranged; at times it can almost sound overbearing, like two disparate musical worlds colliding, or two songs being played at the same time. This description does it a disservice however, as the tracks are coherent enough to be enjoyable and overall this works and is done well.

This is quite an exciting and inspired release, as few Death Metal bands have combined this level of orchestration with such a pure Brutal Death Metal core, and it’s genuinely thrilling to hear.

A very worthwhile listen, and promises much to come for the the next full length.

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