Asylum – Inmate (Review)

AsylumIndian Metal band Asylum have released Inmate, a five track EP containing 21 minutes of music.

Thrashy groove-heavy Death Metal is essentially Asylum’s choice of assault, and they do this well. Sounding akin to a modern Thrash band only with harsher vocals and more of a bouncy Death Metal feel to the riffs. Some guitar solos even raise their heads; always welcome.

The singer has a top-quality voice. Deep but defined and clear. It works well with the crisp music the band play.

The songs are enjoyable enough and bounce along with glee. Mid-paced Death Metal that has plenty of rhythm always puts me in mind of Grave, no matter what. Even here where there are few similarities between the bands, (Asylum certainly don’t have that Swedish sound and they’re more New-School, than Old-), Grave can’t help but enter my thoughts. A slightly irrelevant aside of course, but sometimes it’s good to veer off-topic slightly.

Anyway – back to the band at hand. I enjoyed this EP and if they can keep this up and refine their sound even further the band will do well. Check them out.

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